New Subscribers get a chance to win!

hey, HI!! Welcome!

I got a lot of feedback last year from people that missed some special events we had going on, and thought I’d dust off the old newsletter so that I could have a better way of reaching you when necessary. As many know, Facebook reach is not what is used to be and Instagram posts get missed too. I am sticking with trusty ol’ email to let you know when I have giveaways, events, or something special going on.

From now until July 15, 2019, I’m giving all new subscribers a chance to win a full session with me. I’ve got to write up ALL the terms and conditions still (this was totally a spur of the moment giveaway) but it will be thing like having to live (or be willing to travel to) my area, etc, and will detail amounts and restrictions. I’ll do that ASAP!

In the meantime, please go sign up for your chance to win!!

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