Kitten Party at Revera

A few weekends ago, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a ‘kitten party’.  A local retirement home wanted to have some kittens in to visit the residents, so myself and a few wonderful volunteers from Toronto Cat Rescue came to help and brought kittens and extra hands.

This is the happiness that resulted.

(Thanks SO much to all the staff at Revera who helped organize this, and to my amazing fellow volunteers at TCR who wrangled these adventurous little kittens for the afternoon.)


[pp_gallery id=”591″ style-id=”5538a2d2-b0cd-4434-b475-1ed1c1cf479d”] 


1 thought on “Kitten Party at Revera”

  1. Pauline Raymond

    Wow.  What a wonderful ‘happening’.   This must have been so joyful for all!

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