Piper’s Pillows! (Local vendor spotlight)

I always get extra excited when I come across a small, local, home-based business that makes an excellent product. Look at these great pet beds!



Piper’s Pillows are lovingly made by Kelly Smith in Waterloo. Kelly donates 10% of sales to our local humane society, and has donated two pillows to our foster cats (who LOVE them, just check out Clove, she’s super comfy!)

What I love about these pillows is that they are completely zipper- and button-free – there’s absolutely nothing on them that can hurt little kittens or chew-happy dogs, and the fleece is perfect – soft, and they don’t get their teeny claws caught in the material (towels and such are a looped material, kittens get stuck).


We bought two pillows for our house, one is a perfect Madison size, and usually a cat can be found on the other smaller one. Here’s Madi on her pillow:


Please check out Piper’s Pillows. And go like their Facebook page! Tell Kelly we sent you!!



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