Meowfest 2019

What a *fabulous* weekend. I was a vendor at Toronto’s first ever MEOWFEST! We hung out with old friends and met new friends, we ate, we drank, we shopped, and we chatted to hundreds of people about one of our favourite subjects: CATS! Even though I spent most of my time completely overwhelmed by the heat, it was a spectacular three days in Toronto. And even though it was a ‘work’ weekend, it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

vendor booth at Meowfest: Toronto 2019

I was in the company of some fantastic vendors (go check out the list here) and some famous cats and their people. I need to especially thank friend and fellow vendor Michelle from Meow and Bark who helped us navigate the area (and brought us giant jugs of cold water to combat the heat!), and our new friend Susan who lent us that wire wall to hang my art, and a big, GIANT thank you to fellow photographer Andi who hung out at my table all day to help tell people what I do! And of course, my amazing husband who not only helped haul all of this stuff in and out of the venue and in and out of the storage unit on the hottest weekend of the year, but also helped greet people at my booth and have brochures at the ready (and he fetched me beer – he’s a keeper!).

I really also want to thank everyone who stopped by my table and chatted with us. So many people told me stories of their cats (and dogs!) and I loved hearing each and every one. I’m terribly shy, AND an introvert, but every single one of you absolutely made me forget that about myself on Saturday. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback and positive comments and compliments on my work. I really, REALLY love what I do and I love sharing it with all of you. I know it was an incredibly hot day and there was a line up to get in sometimes and not enough parking, and the venue was not air conditioned, and we were all sweaty and drippy, yet still people stayed and conversed and exchanged stories, and I’m so glad you all did.

One of the reasons I was so quick to sign up for Meowfest was because proceeds went to Toronto Cat Rescue. I’m a very proud TCR volunteer, and am grateful on their behalf for every vendor and every attendee and sponsor, since the funds will save COUNTLESS little feline lives.

So thanks to Meowbox for putting on such a rad event. Let’s hope it catches on, I’d love to see more cat-centric events here!

Oh, and for those of you who signed up at my table for the free session, I’m drawing a winner on July 15. (And if you weren’t at Meowfest and want a chance to win a full session with me, including a print credit, you can still sign up. Quick, hop to it!)

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