Legacy Sessions

One of the hardest things about loving someone is losing them.

And for many of us, losing a pet we love is nearly as devastating as losing a person we love.

We offer ‘Legacy Sessions’ for pets who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or are very elderly. We know that planning for this time of your pet’s life is not something anyone does willingly, yet it must be done. Sometimes, you know that time is coming; other times it advances rapidly.

We want to be there for you. We’ve lost our own furry family members, and I myself have sat in our back yard under the big maple tree with our  rapidly ailing dog, knowing we had just hours left with her.  We’ve watched our cats decline, and know that at over 17 years old, our oldest is slowing down way too fast for our liking.

Please contact us with your Legacy Session request for your cat or dog.  We will do our best to meet your time restrictions, and be very, very respectful of the seriousness of the session.

Regular rates apply; payment plans are available.

I am a member of the Joy Session network. To find more resources regarding end of life services for pets, please visit the Joy Session website.



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