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I firmly believe that good photographs can help homeless pets get adopted. We donate a substantial amount of time every month to photograph foster pets for their rescue’s website.

We currently work closely with Toronto Cat Rescue and Pound Dog Rescue.  We are ‘on call’ for many volunteers with other local rescues and are happy to accommodate them whenever possible.

We also donate prize packages to rescue-related events and fundraisers.

I am very proud to represent HeARTs Speak as a Service Professional Member.

From their website:

HeARTs Speak’s mission is to unite the individual efforts of animal artists and animal rescues into collective action for social change.We will:

  1. Provide the framework, tools and resources to support animal artists working to help animals in need.
  2. Disseminate messages that inspire a better understanding of and compassion towards animals.
  3. Connect rescues and shelters with artists to break down the myth that animals from rescues and shelters are inferior. Professional photographs greatly improve adoption success and ultimately, will increase the number of animals adopted and reduce the numbers that are unnecessarily euthanized.

HeARTs Speak believes that enabling artists to do what they feel passionately about can help save the lives of thousands of animals. When featured in their best light on a rescue website or pamphlet, people are much more likely to develop a connection that brings them to meeting that animal, which takes them one step closer to adopting that pet into their family.Pets are our confidantes, best friends, exercise buddies, careful listeners, biggest champions, and our family. Unfortunately, while they may have a bark or a meow, a chirp, a thump or an oink, often times, they need people to be their voice. HeARTs Speak members are those people, and together, we provide that voice.”

We are honoured to be part of HeARTs Speak and excited to join the community of other incredibly talented artists in the organization.

Jenn Wilson Pet Portraiture has donated countless hours to travel throughout Southwestern Ontario and photograph dogs and cats currently in foster homes. We believe, as does HeARTs Speak, that professional photos that capture the pet’s personality increase their chances of adoption.  In addition, we volunteer with local rescues in many other capacities and advocate for animals any time an opportunity presents itself.  Visit our ‘giving back‘ page for more information on our rescue partners.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
*Margaret Mead

Please contact us if you think we can be of service to your rescue and to your adoptable pets.

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