Dogs snore and fart. Cats hiss and scratch. They are unpredictable and sometimes inconvenient.
You let them goober all over your best clothes and you’ll tolerate a furball on your heirloom rug.
You overlook the shedding and the drooling and the inappropriate grooming they do in front of your guests.
You forgive them for barfing in your shoe. Or maybe peeing in it.

Why? Because you love them.

You’ve invested time and tears.
You’ve comforted them, and they’ve comforted you.
They make you laugh. And cry.
You shine with pride for them.
You can’t imagine what it was like before you had them.
They are FAMILY.
We get this.

Jenn is the primary photographer, and Mike is the ‘support staff’ and secondary shooter.  He helps wrangle kittens and give doggy directions, both at home and during sessions.

We are serious pet people. We foster cats and dogs, are involved in animal welfare and rescue, and we *totally* believe pets are family.

Being involved in rescue has exposed us to all manner of pet ‘personalities’ and we can work with the teeny-weeniest kittens to the biggest dogs, and everything in between.  We not only photograph dogs and cats, but will gladly work with birds, horses, rodents and reptiles, too! We are intuitive, and well-versed in animal ‘body language’ and are very, very patient with the pets we work with.  We adore your pets, almost as much as you do. Send me a note, tell me how we can help.

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